Unseen Dummy Award 2018: Announcing the shortlist

by Unseen August 30 2018

In collaboration with Lecturis, Unseen Amsterdam introduced the Unseen Dummy Award, giving exceptional artists from around the world the chance to get their work published.

We thank everyone who submitted their photobook to the 2018 Unseen Dummy Award. We received 212 submissions, of which 34 were selected for the shortlist by a committee of five individuals, who spent more than eight hours studying the books. Each member had a number of criteria in mind - an interesting angle on a particular theme, the quality of the image material at hand, and a thoughtful consideration of the relationship between content, form and overall layout. As the award celebrates books-in-progress, the committee respected a degree of rawness, including an ‘unfinished’ look and feel. In short, the committee kept their selection as diverse as possible in terms of subject matter, atmosphere, approaches to image sequencing and layout, text-image relationships, book design and different stages of development.

The 2018 shortlist selection committee comprised of:
Carel Fransen: a graphic designer who since graduating in 2014, he has designed a range of book projects in collaboration with Rob van Hoesel. In 2015 he joined The Eriskay Connection, a publisher of research-based photo books and art books.

Stefanie Grätz
A photographer and head of the photographic department of the Utrecht University of the arts. Her autonomous work is best categorised within the documentary practice.

Cat Lachowskyj
A writer, researcher and photography archivist, and is currently an editor at LensCulture. She recently completed a fellowship at the Rijksmuseum, and her findings will be published as a book by the museum later this year. Cat has contributed numerous articles to various print publications including Unseen Magazine, The British Journal of Photography and AnOther. Additionally, her column “Silvering Out” is featured in each quarterly issue of Rvm Magazine.

Dominiek Kampman
A graphic designer at Vandejong Creative Agency. After graduating from the ArtEZ School of Arts in Arnhem (2014), Dominiek became part of the Vandejong/Unseen team. With a keen eye for typography and a passion for all things print, Dominiek is the resident spokesperson for clever print design in a digital world.

Daria Tuminas
The head of the Unseen Book Market and Unseen Dummy Award.

After a long deliberation, the shortlist committee has made the selection. Congratulations to the following:


Aapo Huhta, Fever
Anastasia Mityukova, Project Iceworm
Andrii Dostliev, Lia Dostlieva, I still feel sorry when I throw away food - Grandma used to tell me stories about the Holodomor
Anna Stüdeli, PRIMAL
Btihal Remli, the djinnidiaries
Claire Beckett, Hearts and Minds
Coralie Vogelaar, A Random String of Emotions
Csilla Klenyanszki, Pillars of home
Dafna Talmor, Constructed Landscapes
Dimitra Dede, Mayflies (Ephemeres)
FILIPPO ROMANO, Watertanks in Mathare
Guilherme Gerais, The Best of Mr.Chao - A Futurologist Collection
Hanane El Ouardani, The skies are blue, the walls are red
Hristina Tasheva, In Belief is Power
Irina Sadchikova & Nata Sopromadze, The Broken Sea
Karla Hiraldo Voleau, Hola Mi Amol
Kevin Osepa, Mester Blousé
Liz Orton, Chasing Intensities: Figures for the Body
Lucas Leffler, Zilverbeek
Lukas Stadelmann, Das gelebte Haus / The House Lived
Marcin Liminowicz, No shoes in the house
Maria Sturm, “You don't look Native to me”
Mariela Sancari, The two headed horse. Re-enactment in ten acts
Maya Meissner, The Cedar Lodge
Murat Akbayrak, Monkey Wrench
Muriel Schouten, Ways of Understanding, Voodoo/Vodun
Nicolas Delaroche, First Seen
Paula Artés, Fuerzas y cuerpos / State Security Forces and Corps
Rebecca Fertinel, Ubuntu
Rie Yamada, Familie werden / Becoming a family
Ryo Kusumoto, 連師子/Renjishi
stijn van der linden, an essay on the concave city corner
Tarrah Krajnak, El Jardín De Senderos Que Se Bifurcan
Wiosna van Bon, Family Stranger

On Friday the 21st of September, an international jury will come together at Unseen Amsterdam to select one photobook dummy from the shortlist as this year’s winner. The winner will be announced at 16.00 on the same day in the Living Room

This year’s international jury is comprised of Paul van Mameren (managing director, Lecturis), Sarah Allen (assistant curator, Tate Modern), Tim Clark (editor-in-chief and director, 1000 Words), Russet Lederman (co-founder, 10×10 Photobooks) and Małgorzata Stankiewicz (winner of the Unseen Dummy Award 2017).

Image: Shortlisted dummy books, 2018 © Unseen