Unseen Dummy Award 2017: Announcing the Shortlist

by Unseen September 02 2017

In collaboration with Lecturis and Wilco Art Books, Unseen Amsterdam designed the Unseen Dummy Award to showcase the work of exceptional artists from around the world, publishing the winning dummy.

We thank everyone who submitted their photobooks to the 2017 Unseen Dummy Award! We received 192 submissions, and 34 of these were selected for the shortlist by a committee of four individuals, who spent eight hours studying the books, going through each of them individually before collectively discussing their final selections. Each member had a number of criteria in mind - an interesting angle on a particular theme, the quality of the image material at hand, and a thoughtful consideration of relationship between content, form and overall layout. As the award celebrates books-in-progress, the committee respected a certain degree of rawness, including an unfinished look and feel. In short, the committee kept their selection as diverse as possible in terms of subject matter, atmosphere, approaches to image sequencing and layout, text-image relationships, book design and different stages of development.

The 2017 shortlist selection committee was comprised of: Head of Programme Photography & Film (Bachelor) AKV | St.Joost Karin Krijgsman. She is also a founder of Fw:Books - an independent experimental platform for photography-related publications, projects, and encounters between artists, writers, and creators.  

Writer and researcher Taco Hidde Bakker, whose writings about art and photography have been published in conjunction with various artists, publishers and periodicals, such as Foam Magazine, The PhotoBook Review, Camera Austria International, EXTRA and Unseen Magazine.

Writer and researcher Raymond Frenken, who has written, edited and consulted for a number of independent artists, and on behalf of Mediafonds (Dutch Cultural Media Fund), Frans Hals Museum | De Hallen Haarlem, Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst, de Brakke Grond, Witte de With, De Appel, Virtueel Platform, Stichting Behoud Moderne Kunst, Sandberg Instituut, and De Melkweg, among others.

The Head of the Unseen Book Market and Unseen Dummy Award Daria Tuminas.  

After a long deliberation, the shortlist committee has made the selection. Congratulations to the following:

Dasha (Darya) Abibok - TRASIANKA
Terje Abusdal - Slash & Burn

Francesco Amorosino - Il Libro del Comando
Jasper Bastian - A Road Not Taken
Stephan Bögel - Scenic Utah
Olivier Brossard - Abnormally Jade

Mario C. Girela - The Roots and the Ruins
Arunà Canevascini - Villa Argentina
Marina Caneve - Are they Rocks or Clouds?
Valentin Cernat - 4m3
Enrique Escandell Subterraneans
Miki Hasegawa - Internal Notebook
Alex Kemman - Whispers of War
Dmytro Kupriyan - Fragments of War
Anton Roland Laub - Mobile Churches
Simon Lehner - Men don't play/ Men do play
Irminia Lentjes - Pauwen Sterven Niet
Lilia Luganskaia - Investigation of Love
Dara McGrath - Project Cleansweep
Lukasz Michalak - Floating in Johns Universe
Anne Müchler & Nico Schmitz - Encounter Truth Construction
Richtje Nijhof - Searching for Juldi
Hiroshi Okamoto - We do not need you, here./ If I could only fly.
Nicolas Polli - Ferox, The Forgotten Archives
Tony Proechel - 26 Feet 8 Inches
Stéphanie Roland - Event horizon
Łukasz Rusznica - Subterranean river
Bianca Salvo - Time and Again
Valentina Sestieri - SUSY NUDA / naked Susy
Senta Simond - Rayon Vert

Sandra Singh - Kalaallit nunaat/grønland/greenland: transparency of change
Malgorzata Stankiewicz - cry of an echo
Daniel Stier - Physis
Eva Tol - Ik ben er één van fam. Tol

On Friday the 22nd of September, an international jury will come together at Unseen Amsterdam to select one photobook dummy from the shortlist as this years winner, who will be announced at 16:00 on the same day in the Living Room.

This year, the international jury is comprised of Paul van Mameren (Managing Director, Lecturis), Ann-Christin Bertrand (Curator, C/O Berlin), Rémi Coignet (Editor-in-Chief, The Eyes Magazine), Delphine Bedel (artist, designer and publisher, Meta/Books) and Dieter De Lathauwer (winner of the Unseen Dummy Award in 2016).