Unseen 2015: Jean-François Lepage Exhibition at The Ravestijn Gallery

by Unseen June 04 2015

Now on show at The Ravestijn Gallery is work from the series Recycle (Prelude) by French artist Jean-François Lepage (b. 1960). The exhibition will take place from the 30th of May until the 18th of July.

Each work in the series depicts a ghost-like dimensionality, with different parts of a photographic story rising to the forefront of the image. Lepage has for the most part left the setting of the photograph intact: a dark bedroom, a brightly tiled bathroom, a red velvet chair in the corner, but then proceeded to build a complex and intoxicating new narrative on top of this semblance of a whole. The result is a mix of science fiction and daydream with certain parts of the image calm and quiet and others bursting at their rearranged seams. Throughout, the images carry a distinct vintage quality that originates from the use of 8x10 Polaroid colorgraph 891 film. The film here tends to glow from beneath the surface of the image, building up energy that is then released by Lepage’s cutting or, conversely, pinned down or snuffed out by his fastening techniques.

According to the artist, "I’m like a surgeon who faces his patient with lucidity and commitment but with the absolute certitude that the only person I can really save is — myself."

Jean-François Lepage will be represented at Unseen Photo Fair 2015 by Galerie Madé.

Recycle 4, 2014 © Jean-François Lepage/The Ravestijn Gallery