Stephen founded his publishing imprint Nobody in 2005 in order to exercise maximum control over the publication process of his books. His overriding intention is to make the book the finished expression of the photographs, rather than just a shell in which to house them. Experimentation with materials, collaboration with friends and a hands-on, tactile approach to maquette making would lead, in many cases, to his finished books having an individual, unique presence. This tactile approach includes materials and techniques such as lino cut printing, letter press printing, mono prints, spray paint, rubber stamps and on occasion entire art books are manufactured and assembled by hand in Stephen’s studio. He considers the bookmaking process to be a key though separate stage in the production of his photographic works, and he aims to make books that are conceptually consistent with their content.  All decisions made during production are therefore directed by the requirements of the work rather than any external influences or considerations.

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