Yuval Yairi

Italy, Milan Podbielski Contemporary

Yuval Yairi (IL, 1961) studied visual communication at the WIZO College Haifa (1984-1988). As director of a design studio in Jerusalem (1988-1999), he has produced and directed short films and documentaries until 2004. Since 2004 Yairi devotes his work to research and artistic activity, primarily in mediums of photography and video. The subjects of Yairi's work relate to places, and his gaze, whether it's a historical place, cultural, personal or political, explores these places in the context of memory.  In his current works, Yuval Yairi adopts the figure of the “surveyor” as an alter-ego, a partner for looking out at the place in which he lives, and for introspection and personal soul searching, trying to come to terms with certain chapters in his past.