Win McCarthy

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Galerie Fons Welters

Win McCarthy’s (US, 1986) practice combines photography, text and sculpture. His cityscapes are build up from architecture board, and feature glass masks as well as glass-and-wax casts of feet with toy wheels attached to them. The cars run on the streets of the city and pass by buildings that look like outlines of human bodies. On the mock walls photos and text are attached like in an exhibition. McCarthy’s work positions the individual in the larger context of the city and the world.

Win McCarthy's recent solo and duo exhibitions include: Introduction (duo with Jasper Spicero), Rudolf Steiner Bookstore, New York (US); Silberkuppe, Berlin (DE); Off Vendome, New York (US). Recent group shows include Lomex, New York (US); Marta Cervera, Madrid (ES); Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (US); What Pipeline, Detroit (US); Marian Goodman, Paris (FR); Murray Guy, New York (US); SculptureCenter, New York (US).