Václav Kopecký

Czech Republic, Prague Drdova Gallery

Václav Kopecký (CZ, 1983) continuously approaches photography not only as a tool of reflection of reality, but also as a physical object that fills up the space and changes our perspective. He analyses photography as a medium of memory related to specific history and technology. In his exhibitions, Kopecký alludes to a closed world that follows its own rules. He processes his photographs by means of traditional methods, as if trying to make the best of the nostalgia related to analogue photography. He considers the photographic medium as a way of perceiving the world to which he seeks various parallels, e.g. in the form of a found imprint, a record of light, a redirection of our view. Kopecký approaches the installation of the exhibition in a similar way, for instance by using a photosensitive emulsion to let the installation make its own imprint on the gallery walls.