Hengki Koentjoro

The Netherlands, Amsterdam TORCH Gallery

Hengki Koentjoro (b. 1963, Indonesia) is an accomplished photographer, specialising in capturing the spectral domain that lies amidst the shades of black and white. He proceeded to pursue further education in Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, an expedition that plunged him into the professional arena of video production and fine art photography. Childhood introduction to camera on his 11th birthday is now an earnest love affair that involves an elaborate choreography of composition, texture, shapes and lines. Upon his return to Indonesia, Hengki settles in Jakarta as a freelance videographer and video editor for nature documentaries and corporate profiles. Delving into what he believes to be his true purpose in life's journey of expression, he indulged himself in the art of black and white photography on the side. Exploring along the borderlines of light and shadow, yin and yang. Celebrating complexity in the minimalist. Diving into the spiritual in the physical.