Harold Strak

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Van Zoetendaal Collections

The work of Harold Strak (Chinde, Mozambique 1959) is situated on the borders of science and art. His fascination for objects at the macro level serves to highlight the fact that the universe is far more infinite than we can imagine. He has been photographing the world of insects for many years now, and Arthropoda is one of his most extensive studies of the life of the domestic spider. In fact, he is the first person to have photographed such an enormous collection of spider web waste. For the past few years, Strak has been taking photos of the archaeological findings that are being dug up during the excavation work being done for the construction of the underground metro, the Noord-Zuidlijn, in Amsterdam. Tens of thousands of meticulously photographed objects lay bare the immense history of the city. A selection of photos of exceptional findings will be presented at Unseen.