FX Combes

France, Paris NextLevel Galerie

His body of work explores the limits of the photographic medium. Following his pictorial reflection, FX Combes uses his reflexes as a painter to create compositions through a process based on photographic references. The experience produced by his works is invariably a mixture of the infinitely seductive and the intriguing. Through a misappropriation of light, he reconstructs an image trying to make visible the invisible: between real and virtual, between painting and photography, between shadow and light. 

The representation of urban space is in the heart of FX Combes’ work. In his series « Buildings », the City seems fixed in its permanence, solid and imperturbable. However, in its very immutability, all mass is subject to the transformations operated by light variations and by the inquisitive eye, seeking its quintessence. In the series « Entre-monde(s) », lines, shapes and colors blur and transform the architectural grid, creating a floating interplay of subtle tones that reveal the deep interiority of the city in a timeless, almost mythical, dimension. His latest series “Back to Black” will be presented for the first time in exclusivity for Unseen 2013. 
His work have been exhibited at numerous galleries and institutions (Museum of Art Yamaguchi, Japan ; The Centre Pompidou Paris, France ; the Fondation d'entreprise Ricard for contemporary art ; The National Library of France, Paris). 

FX Combes was born in France (Dinan) in 1969. He has been represented by NextLevel Galerie since 2010. He currently lives and works in Paris.