Domingo Milella

The United Kingdom, London Camilla Grimaldi

Domingo Milella (b.1981) studied photography at the School of Visual Arts (BFA 2005) under the leadership of Stephen Shore. Later he worked with Massimo Vitali and Thomas Struth has been an important mentor to him.

A Steidl monograph is forthcoming. Milella’s works will be on view later this year at the Margulies Collection, Miami. His works have been exhibited he Foam Museum in Amsterdam, the 54th Venice Biennale, and Les Rencontres d'Arles.

Since 2001 Milella has been carrying out a project on the landscape. His most recent work has brought him to Turkey several times, allowing him to go deeper and more confidently in areas that were lesser known, charted and explored. Relying only on topographic maps and old archeology data, Milella was able to encounter the very pure remains of ancient cultures, specifically Hittite monuments and Hellenistic tombs and inscriptions. These long forgotten languages embedded in stone, surviving for more than 3000 years still silently express themselves yet the artist has no interest in the final literary meaning of most of these vestiges, hieroglyphs, reliefs. Milella mostly exercises his being contemporary and illiterate at this dialogue with the dead, and their creative, aesthetic and poetic relics. The unreadable nature of time is at the core of these surfaces of unknown traces, broken languages, and surviving messages.