David Robinson

The United Kingdom, London The Photographers' Gallery

Photographer and publisher David Robinson (b1973 Northern Ireland) has been working on his own photographic project since the early 2000s, he is best known as the creator of the publications; Golfers, Wonderland, Lee Valley Leisure and most recently The Mushroom Picker.

Released in 2012, The Mushroom Picker is a magical children’s novel, presenting a lovingly crafted collection of Robinsons unique Fungi Luminograms. Each Fungi Luminogram is created in the darkroom using his mysterious camera-less photographic process. Arranging hand-cut mushrooms directly on the plate glass of his enlarger Robinson varies the intensity of light exposed to his subjects to create an extraordinary universe. Afterwards, when the luminograms are developed, Robinson’s funghi are summarily discarded (or eaten!) and every print thus becomes unique.