Cristina de Middel

France, Paris Galeria Tagomago

Cristina De Middel (1975, Spain) is a London-based photographer who has been working for different newspapers in Spain and with NGOs like Doctors without Borders or the Spanish Red Cross, for over eight years. She holds an MA in Fine Arts from the University of Valencia, Spain (2001), an MA in Photography from the University of Oklahoma (2000) and a postgraduate degree in photojournalism from the Universitat Politecnica de Barcelona, Spain (2002).

She combines her strictly documentary assignments with more personal projects that have been awarded and exhibited in several occasions. Her Afronauts series (2012) was celebrated all over the world and won the Infinity Award from ICP New York and was a finalist for the 2013 Deutsche Borse Photography Prize. Her latest book Party (2013) won Best International Photo Book Award at Photo España 2014.

Cristina´s work deliberately asks the audience to question the language and the veracity of photography as a document, and plays with reconstructions or archetypes that blur the border between reality and fiction.