Céline Nieszawer

France, Paris NextLevel Galerie

Céline Nieszawer (1965) reveals in her work her vision of woman’s place in our contemporary society to celebrate the 'Lilith' that is hidden inside some women. Her images are visual metaphors, like in her series Misfits or in her most recent series Doppelgänger. Women are always strong, determined, intense, sexy and filled with an almost erotic charge.

Nieszawer reverses the roles to demonstrate how women are able to manage in any situation of everyday life, as they do in her newest diptych Women returning Home from War.

Nieszawer began her career alongside Martine Barrat in New York, on her return to Paris, she became a press photographer. In 1998, she was the co-winner of the SACD Award, for which she was a co-writer of the film À Table by Idit Cebula at Cannes Film Festival as part of the Directors’ Fortnight. Following this, she made five short films, including Heureuse, produced by Canal+, before embarking on experimental video. She also directed a documentary film about the painter Erro, and the making-of the film La disparue de Deauville by Sophie Marceau. She co-directed Promised Land with Anatole Sternberg, a medium length film about crossing the United States. Her photographs have been exhibited at numerous galleries, institutions and international fairs. And sshe was presented by Baudoin Lebon Gallery at Art Elysée (Paris 2009), the Slick Art Fair (NextLevel Gallery, Brussels, 2012) and more recently at the Solo Project Art Fair (NextLevel Gallery, Basel, 2013).

She has been represented by NextLevel Galerie since 2012. She currently lives and works in Paris.