Bettina von Zwehl

The United Kingdom, London Purdy Hicks Gallery

Bettina von Zwehl (b. 1971 Munich) has built an international reputation for her subtle, distinctive photographic portraits. After graduating from an MA in Fine Art Photography from the Royal College of Art in 1997 her practice has continued to seek out different ways of exploring the form; from her early works, most often defined by the exacting conditions she imposed on her subjects, to her most recent projects which explore the tradition of the painted portrait miniature.
Her ongoing pre-occupation with the miniature, and its lesser-known C18th sub-genre, the eye miniature, was inspired during her six months as Artist in Residence at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  This was followed by another residence and subsequent solo exhibition at the Freud Museum, London, where her photographic voice found a new echo in  Anna Freud's work on Children Psychoanalysis and inspired the creation of her last series 'The Sessions' (2016). Shown in her solo exhibitions at the Freud Museums, London, and Vienna, The Sessions collectively refers to the length of a psychoanalytic session and the time von Zwehl spent taking the young girl's portrait, as well as the artist's many sessions in the darkroom as she sought the essence of both image and subject. Bettina von Zwehl's work is part of the many museum collections including The Victoria and Albert Museum, London; The National Portrait Gallery, London; Pier 24 Photography, San Francisco and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York.