Baptiste Rabichon

France, Paris Galerie Binome

Baptiste Rabichon (FR, 1987) has a special relationship with images, one that is both passionate and extremely critical. At the crossroad of darkroom and computer screen, chemistry and pixel, Rabichon explores new ways of producing images. He uses traditional methods of photography, as well as state of the art photography technologies. The mixed images that he generates through the light and the various tools he uses become a place of reconciliation between objects, humans and natural elements.

With the Orly series, Baptiste Rabichon plays with Paris Orly airport X-ray scanners. In the middle of a hyper-safe surveillance atmosphere, he creates at scale some free compositions with various objects and naturel elements, whose colors pertain to the density of the materials. These images are transposed on Duraclear (transparent film) in a unique chromogenic prints, thus mixing film and digital techniques. Following in Man Ray’s and László Moholy-Nagy’s footsteps, he revisits the genre of Still Life and suggests a new objectivity based on a uninhibited dematerialization.