Amie Dicke

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Stigter van Doesburg

Amie Dicke (b. 1978, the Netherlands) manipulates magazine and newspaper pages, old paintings, and other existing images and materials with the goal of exposing the messages that lie just beneath the surfaces of the visual stimuli that we encounter daily. Though she has also created subtle interventions in the various spaces in which she has exhibited—including dusting a plant’s leaves with facial powder—she concentrates on images. She has sanded out all but a handful of parts of the faces and bodies of fashion models and crafted an evocative, multicolored pool by immersing magazine and newspaper pages in water, causing the ink to run. “I think when taking things out of their context, it’s good to be aware of the original source material,” Dicke says of her approach. “I think it can be very interesting to see how far you can take something.”