Photo Pleasure Palace

An exhibition by Erik Kessels & Thomas Mailaender

22 - 24 September 

Thomas Mailaender and Erik Kessels are both artists who work with the re-appropriation of images. They’re compulsive collectors of photographs and keen observers of sociological patterns. Additionally, they both take the absurd and ridiculous very, very seriously. That being said it comes as no real surprise that these two get along like dynamite and matches. For Unseen Amsterdam 2017, they’ve created the ‘Photo Pleasure Palace’ a special place where you can come to have fun and set your mind on fire after spending a day exploring Unseen Amsterdam. Kessels and Mailaender welcome you to their weird-and-wonderland, a place where pleasure is guaranteed and photos are in imminent danger. The exhibition will take place in the Zuiveringshal on the Westergasterrein.

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What to explore?

Photo Fortune Teller
Let the fortune-teller predict your future through photographs. Bring along an image or your portfolio to the fortune teller carriage and have your fate revealed. For professional photographers, your future career will be predicted.

Smash Gallery
Loosen up your muscles and hit framed photographs on this expansive gallery wall. Smash a frame and you’ll receive a sealed photograph in a broken frame to take home. All images selected by Photo Pleasure Palace curators.

Jump Trump
Enjoy plummeting into a portrait of Donald Trump from a great height in this oh so politically challenging piece of art. 

Giant Peephole
The Giant Peephole is a camera with an XXXXL lens. When looking through the viewfinder you'll get a pleasant surprise.

Toilet Obscura
Even the restroom is an attraction at the Photo Pleasure Palace. Indulge in this exclusive toilet surprise and view the action going on outside on the toilet upside down!

Love Nature Love
Be at one with nature, pose on a nudist beach and share images with your friends and family. There is a wild selection of these head in hole boards to have fun with and share.

Human Photo Album
Make pictures with your camera or smart phone with two people completely covered in photographic tattoos from head to toe. You can also receive a photographic tattoo to take home. 

Read the interview with curators Thomas Mailaender and Erik Kessels here

Unseen Amsterdam
Zuiveringshal West
1014 DD Amsterdam

Photo: Photo Pleasure Palace, 2017 © Erik Kessels and Thomas Mailaender