Ola Lanko for Room on the Roof X Unseen

by Unseen2 August 13 2018

Unseen teamed up with de Bijenkorf to invite multi-disciplinary artist Ola Lanko for a residency at de Bijenkorf’s Room on the Roof.

Room on the Roof is an artist workspace in the tower above the Amsterdam de Bijenkorf store. This aerial space in the heart of the city is a place for reflection, a platform for fresh ideas. Local and international artists, writers, musicians, architects and designers are invited to create new work inspired by the location and the city Amsterdam.

During her Room on the Roof residency, Ola created Fixed & Fluid, a photogenic installation consisting of display materials and everyday objects from the de Bijenkorf warehouse. Reusing and recycling these items, she remoulds their original meaning and concentrates on the hidden structures beyond that which is typically exposed. The final work combines a fluid installation fixed within a photograph, in which a game transpires between the viewer and what is on display. The installation and the photograph will be displayed in the store windows from the 6th of August until the 4th of September.

Ola Lanko is an artist whose work takes unexpected forms, ranging from photography to experimental cooking below 0 °C. A vital element in her artistic drive is to challenge how we see and experience the world around us. Ola plays with people’s perceptions and senses, inciting curiosity, discovery and surprise.

Image: Fixed & Fluid, 2018 © Ola Lanko