Meijburg Art Commission

Tax advisory firm Meijburg & Co is the driving force behind the prestigious art prize, the Meijburg Art Commission. The prize is awarded to talented artists that will exhibit at Unseen Amsterdam through an open call by submitting a proposal for a unique artwork with a focus on photography. The winner of the Meijburg Art Commission will receive an assignment to create their submitted proposal, which will then be added to the art collection of Meijburg & Co.

The Meijburg Art Commission is part of a sponsorship agreement between Meijburg & Co and Unseen. As Wilbert Kannekens, chairperson of the Managing Board of Meijburg & Co explains: “Meijburg & Co is a firm that excels in encouraging and stimulating young talent. We believe that Unseen Amsterdam embodies the pursuit of innovation, an emphasis on high quality and social commitment. We wish to support young artists in their career and offer them the opportunity to excel in their chosen discipline”.

Limen (revolving lantern, seen_unseen, time, what does it mean to be taken in a photography?, my childhood), 2017 © Hydejuki Ishibashi_IBASHO_2.jpg

Image: Limen (revolving lantern, seen unseen, time, what does it mean to be taken in a photography?, my childhood), 2017 © Hydejuki Ishibashi IBASHO

2018 Winner

Unseen and Meijburg and Co. are delighted to announce that Hideyuki Ishibashi (JP, 1986) has been selected as the winner of the Meijburg Art Commission 2018! Chosen by a jury consisting of Alessandra Capodacqua (photographer, curator and lecturer at NYU Florence, IED and SACI), Ángel Luis González Fernández (Founder and CEO of the PhotoIreland Foundation) and Wilbert Kannekens (CEO of Meijburg & Co), Hideyuki Ishibashi was selected from a shortlist of five nominees and receives a commission to create an artwork which is added to the Meijburg and Co. art collection.

2017 Winner

Unseen and Meijburg & Co are delighted to announce that Pasi Orrensalo (FI, 1969) is the winner of the Meijburg Art Commission 2017. Artists submitted a proposal to create a unique photography-based artwork for the chance to bring their prospective project to life, and to be included in the art collection of Meijburg & Co Tax Lawyers. Pasi Orrensalo is an artist who uses photography to tell stories that are filtered through his distinctive view on life. His work focuses on the narratives of his subjects’ past and future. Orrensalo is represented by Galerie Mirko Mayer in Cologne and Shoot Gallery in Oslo. He was exhibiting at Unseen Amsterdam 2017 with Galerie Mirko Mayer.

The international jury for the 2017 award comprised of Wilbert Kannekens (Chairman of the Managing Board of Meijburg & Co, NL), Susan Bright (curator and writer, UK) and W.M. Hunt (lecturer on the art of collecting, adjunct professor at the School of Visual Art, New York and author, USA).

Paul Bogaers (NL, 1961), Joanne Dugan (US, 1961), Hideyuki Ishibashi (JP, 1986), Oliver Raymond Barker (UK, 1980) and artist collective Fotoromanzo Italiano (IT).

Jannemarein Renout (NL, 1969), Nico Krijno (ZA, 1981), Pasi Orrensalo (FI, 1969), Ton Zwerver (NL, 1951) and Yoshinori Mizutani (JP, 1987). Find out more here.

Awoiska van der Molen (NL, 1972), Elspeth Diederix (KE, 1971), Motohiro Takeda (JP, 1982), Yoko Ikeda (JP, 1965) and Mandy Barker (UK, 1964). Winner Elspeth Diederix. Find out more here.

Anouk Kruithof (NL, 1981), Sjoerd Knibbeler (NL, 1981), Inka & Niclas (Fi, 1985, SE, 1984), Melinda Gibson (UK, 1985) and Noemie Goudal (FR, 1984). Winner: Anouk Kruihof. See Anouk Kruithof's interview here.