ING Unseen Talent Award Winners Announced

by Unseen September 21 2017

Hive, 2017 © Andrea Grützner

ING and Unseen are excited to announce that Andrea Grützner (b. 1984, Germany) has been awarded the Jury Prize for this year’s ING Unseen Talent Award! Grützner’s work, titled Hive, addresses how architecture often acts as a metaphor for orientation or alienation. As the winner of the Jury Prize, Grützner will receive a 10.000 award to fund the new project. Additionally, Robin Lopvet (b. 1990, France) has won the Public Prize with his series Économie de marché (Market economy), and has been awarded a commission to create new work for the ING Collection. All finalists for the awards attended the ING Unseen Talent Programme, coached by renowned British artist Nadav Kander, and their work is being exhibited at the ING Unseen Lounge at this year’s Unseen Amsterdam.

On the official opening day of Unseen Amsterdam 2017, an international jury comprised of Maryam Eisler (Photographer, Trustee of Whitechapel, Co-chair of Tate’s MENAAC), Francis Hodgson (Professor in the Culture of Photography and Founder of the Prix Pictet), Dana Lixenberg (Photographer) and Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger (Professor at University of Arts Helsinki) and Darius Sanai (Editor in Chief of Condé Nast International) selected Grützner as the winner of the Jury Prize. Lopvet was awarded the Public Prize based on online votes.

Market economy (robin lopvet).jpgÉconomie de marché (Market economy), 2017 © Robin Lopvet

Jury Quote:
This year’s jury, comprised of professionals specialising in a variety of fields in the photographic community, was happy with the range and quality of the submissions from the five finalists of this edition of the ING Unseen Talent Award. Once again, we discovered that photographic artists are capable of tackling our society’s pressing concerns. This year’s submissions touched on global issues including gender, consumerism, cultural diversity and communication. The artists proved that the medium of photography can convey a range of perspectives surrounding the theme of “Common Ground.”

After consideration, we have chosen Andrea Grützner who is clear in her approach to “common ground” and how we collectively experience shared space, inviting viewers to evaluate how they picture it. She plays with colours in her work, grounded in elements of surrealism. The resulting work is compelling to the jury, and has been selected based on its imaginative substance.

Thanks to the jury members, finalists and everyone who voted online!