The Photographers' Gallery

The United Kingdom, London Stand 47

Print Sales Gallery has been an integral part of The Photographers' Gallery since its opening in 1971 supporting both the organisation and its photographers through the sale of contemporary, modern, vintage, rare and limited edition photographs. The gallery currently represents 35 British and international photographers including emerging contemporary talents as well as acclaimed photographers and estates. All profits from Print Sales Gallery directly support The Photographers’ Gallery public programme.

ARTISTS 2018: Alma Haser, Jessa Fairbrother, Vasantha Yogananthan

ARTISTS 2017: Pentti Sammallahti, Evgenia Arbugaeva, Tom Butler, Nicholas Hughes

ARTISTS 2016: Alma Haser, Chrystel Lebas, Luke Stephenson, Maurizio Anzeri

ARTISTS 2015: Evgenia Arbugaeva, Kurt Tong, Tamas Dezso

ARTISTS 2014: Julie Cockburn, Martina Lindqvist, Tamas Dezso, Tom Butler

ARTISTS 2013: Julie Cockburn, Martina Lindqvist, David Robinson, John Hinde

ARTISTS 2012: Simon Roberts, Luke Stephenson, Julie Cockburn, Vee Speers