Gallery Taik Persons

Finland, Helsinki

Gallery Taik Persons was established in 1995 in Helsinki, Finland. It is the prime gallery for those selected artists who are synonymously known as the "Helsinki School". The gallery has grown into one of the leading photographic galleries in northern Europe with its permanent exhibition space situated in Berlin since 2003. Gallery Taik Persons actively promotes internationally acknowledged artists via art fairs and museum shows. It also collaborates with renown publishing houses in creating books for its primary artists.

ARTISTS 2014: Joakim Eskildsen, Jonna Kina, Niina Vatanen, Santeri Tuori

ARTISTS 2013: Joakim Eskildsen, Maija Savolainen, Tanja Koljonen

ARTISTS 2012: Nelli Palomäki, Wilma Hurskainen, Niko Luoma