Germany, Frankfurt am Main Stand 14

BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART was founded in 1996 by Bernhard Knaus and initially focused on publishing photo, video and graphic editions of contemporary international artists. The first gallery spaces were opened in October 2001 in Mannheim, Germany. Six years later the new gallery on Niddastrasse 84 in Frankfurt was opened, just a stone’s throw away from the central train station. The gallery currently represents 12 artists domestically and abroad, and curates six exhibitions annually. Since the beginning it has placed special emphasis on the continuous and long-term support and promotion of the artists it represents, regularly publishing its own books as well as working together with external publishing houses. Additionally, the gallery cooperate with museums and other non-commercial institutions across the world, lending works from the collection to various exhibitions projects. A close collaboration with a network of international galleries allows Bernhard Knaus Fine Art to offer its visitors works from a wide range of modern and contemporary artists.

ARTISTS 2018: Flo Maak, Kyungwoo Chun

ARTISTS 2017: Ralf Peters, Kyungwoo Chun

ARTISTS 2016: Ralf Peters, Daniele Buetti, Flo Maak, Kyungwoo Chun