Exhibition: The Currency of Ideas

The Grolsch Unseen Residency 

22-24 September 

Come and explore the captivating work of Lana Mesić at Unseen. In this exhibition, Mesić presents the series Souls, ties and a pile of carrots and Towers. With London’s economic crisis at large, Mesić has explored the concept of ‘value’, in a series addressing the city’s financial sector through its intricate structure and the individuals who work to maintain it. An exhibition of the works, including cross- stitch portraits, are brought together in a cumulative showcase at this year’s Unseen Amsterdam.

As the recipient of the Grolsch Unseen Residency, artist Mesić was invited to create a body of work that examines London’s urban landscape in unconventional ways. The Grolsch Unseen Residency has enabled Lana to work closely with professional photographers offering her guidance and advice throughout her stay. The Grolsch Unseen residency encourages artists to produce work in alternative and uncommon ways. More information about the residency can be found here

Lana Mesić is a visual artist who investigates the realm of the invisible. Her work centres on the exploration of photography as a construct and the boundaries between reality and illusion. The underlying theme in her work is nothingness, and more notable how this state of nothing manifests in our world. One of the main questions she raises is how do humans deal with the idea of invisibility and how this reflects on our society and the world we live in.

Unseen Amsterdam
Stenen Plein
1014 DD Amsterdam

Photo: Working on Wishing Well, 2017 © Lana Mesić