CO-OP: New Kid on the Block

by Unseen September 24 2017

For the first instalment of the Unseen CO-OP, we invited 13 collectives from all over the world to present a variety of interesting events, performances and installations that redefined the boundaries of how photography can be used in creative projects. From a live auction to a radio show and more, we’re recapping some of this weekend’s most exciting surprises!

Live Wild Come Out
Founded in 2014, Live Wild is a collective comprised of seven young international female artists – or so we thought! For the past few years, artist Camille Lévêque has been functioning as an artist collective, uniting various styles of art under one similar aesthetic. At Unseen Amsterdam, Lévêque came out to reveal that Live Wild actually only consists of one member: herself working with different identities. This years-long performance was created by the artist to highlight the limitations placed on individuals in the art world, especially in terms of labels and personas. An approach which Unseen and curator Lars Willumeit found quite interesting and progressive, therefore perfect momentum for the reveal at CO-OP last weekend.

Dead Darlings Auction
Another participating collective called Dead Darlings organised an art auction to explore the complex relationship between artists, artworks and collectors. Yesterday’s auction at Unseen Amsterdam was particularly interesting because bids were placed on a number of photographs made by artists who don’t identify as photographers. The auction was a great success, but make sure you visit the Dead Darlings installation before the end of the day to see the works!

CO-OP Radio
POIUYT is a platform that was established to question ‘reality’ and our unconditional acceptance of the status quo. At the Unseen CO-OP, the group has created a broadcast radio show. For the final day of Unseen Amsterdam, they’ll be featuring some special guests engaged in challenging discussions Check them out here [link to radio website], and be sure to see them in action at the POIUYT CO-OP stand.

Today is the last day to check out the incredible installations and projects at Unseen CO-OP. Click here to see more information on all 13 participating collectives.

Photo: Unseen Amsterdam, 2017 © Almicheal Fraay