CO-OP Insights: huber.huber

by Unseen July 22 2017

In an increasingly polarised world, working together has never been so important. As well as nurturing the best unseen and emerging talent in the realm of photography, Unseen Amsterdam 2017 is committed to fostering artistic collaboration and collective working processes. New this year, we introduce Unseen CO-OP, where we bring together 13 pioneering artist collectives from around the world. Every week, through a series of interviews, you can find out more about the collectives we have selected and why collaborative working processes are so important to them, welcome to CO-OP Insights.  

This week, we have the pleasure of introducing twin brothers Markus and Reto Huber, who have been working together as Huber.Huber since they graduated from the University for Design and Art in Zurich (now ZHdK) in 2005. Working with social questions, as well as the ambivalent relationship civilization has with nature, Huber.Huber have attracted attention for their collages, drawings, sculptural works and installations. Working with irony and surprising juxtapositions, their multi-layered conceptual works have featured in several solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.

What is the main reason why you started the collective?
We are identical twins and previously shared a studio space, but still worked independently. While studying at the University of Arts twelve years ago, teams of two were randomly selected to work together, and we ended up as a team. Our professors and fellow students were amused, but we were quite shocked and unhappy about this! Over time, we came to realise how fruitful, inspiring and fun working together as a duo can be. After that, we rented a new studio and destroyed all our previous works of art. That was the beginning of Huber.Huber.

3_0.jpgPhoto: from exhibition view "Promised", 2016 © huber.huber

What makes you different from other collectives?
We are an artist collective. We work with tools from almost every medium in the fine arts, we also do curatorial projects. Even as the smallest possible group and with many similarities, we quite often have diverging opinions and can disagree a lot. 

15 copy_0.jpg

Could you give us an insight into what you have for Unseen CO-OP 2017
We are interested in the soullessness of our society and themes of unscientific salvation and hope. For Unseen CO-OP 2017, we are going to realise an installation using collage, Himalayan salt, mirrors and butterflies. The installation plays with the idea that art can treat – and even maybe cure – emotional distress.