Across the Globe: Gallery Spotlight #11

by Unseen August 31 2017

With less than a month to go until Unseen Amsterdam 2017, we are excited to introduce you to the wonderful galleries that will be presenting work. This week, we travel to London, where we are delighted to tell you more about three innovative galleries who will be joining us at this year’s edition, Purdy Hicks Gallery, TJ Boulting and Tristan Hoare.

TJ Boulting
TJ Boulting was founded in 2011 and represents a small group of emerging artists across all media. The gallery also hosts the British Journal of Photography International Award exhibition and is also the home of Trolley Books, an independent publisher of photography, photojournalism and contemporary art books since 2001. One of the artists TJ Boulting will be showing at this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam will be the London born photographer Juno Calypso. Focusing on the absurd and disturbing underbelly of constructed femininity, Calypso creates scenes that focus on the ritualised practice of taking pictures of herself in private.

Photo: Silent Retreat, from the series The Honeymoon Suite, 2016 © Juno Calypso/TJ Boulting

Purdy Hicks
Purdy Hicks Gallery opened in 1995 in East London and moved to South Kensington in 2016. The Gallery has continually supported the evolving practice of both established and emerging international artists, each with an individual and radical approach to the artistic possibilities of their time and an aim to break popular perceptions of method and role in contemporary photography. One of the artists the gallery will be showing at Unseen Amsterdam will be Bettina von Zwehl. Showing premiering work at this year’s fair, the German born artist has built an international reputation for her subtle, distinctive photographic portraits, as well her ongoing pre-occupation with the miniature. 

The Sessions 6, 2016 C Bettina von Zwehl Purdy Hicks Gallery WEB_0.jpgThe Sessions #6, 2016 © Bettina von Zwehl/Purdy Hicks Gallery

Tristan Hoare
Tristan Hoare Gallery focuses on emerging and established international contemporary artists. Founded in 2009, the gallery was based at Lichfield Studios, the former headquarters of Patrick Lichfield. One of the artists the gallery will be bringing to Unseen Amsterdam will be Alejandro Guijarro, a Spanish artist who works primarily with photography, questioning its ability to refer to reality or truth. Showing premiering works at the fair this year, Guijarro’s work examines spatial relations in photographic representation, exploring what photography is still allowed and able to do.

49757 (Saint Gregory the Great), from the series LEAD, 2016 c Alejandro Guijarro:Tristan Hoare.png49757 (Saint Gregory the Great), from the series LEAD, 2016 © Alejandro Guijarro/Tristan Hoare

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