Across the Globe: Gallery Spotlight #10

by Unseen August 29 2017

Having travelled the globe to tell you more you more about the galleries who will be presenting work at this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam, we arrive back home to introduce three Dutch galleries who will be exhibiting work with us for the first time. It is a pleasure to welcome C&H gallery, The Merchant House and Rianne Groen.

Rianne Groen
Founded in 2013 in Rotterdam, Rianne Groen is a gallery for contemporary art. The main goal of the gallery is to make interesting exhibitions with early career artists. The gallery strongly believes in the representation of artists and in building long-term relationships. Rianne Groen will present a premiering series by Wouter Venema at this year’s fair. In House of the Spider, House of the Snail, Venema places vibrant abstract shapes behind a glass negative covered in web-like markings to envision the contrast between the ephemeral and the solid, the mobile and the fragile.

Photo: House of the Spider, House of the Snail II, 2017 © Wouter Venema/Rianne Groen 

C&H gallery
After organising exhibitions at home from 2008, Cosimo Ricatto and Hanneke Huisman founded C&H gallery to engage and support young contemporary artists and established artists with new thoughts, visions, and concepts. Cosimo has been active in the arts since 1973 in various projects and positions, while Hanneke has been working as an interior architect since 1985. At Unseen Amsterdam 2017, C&H will be presenting premiering work by Ton Zwerver, whose series Sculptural Interventions stages constructed scenes in which furniture, objects and people are subject to the process and documentation of sculpturing.  

07-04-2017,Wugao, China.2017. (c) Ton Zwerver:CH Gallery copy.jpg
Wugao, China, 2017 © Ton Zwerver/C&H gallery

The Merchant House
Established by Marsha Plotnitsky in 2012, The Merchant House presents and sells contemporary art and is a self-supporting exhibition space that uses architecture and curatorial projects as new forms of interaction with customers and the general public. At this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam, The Merchant House will show premiering work by artist Sylvie Bonnot who creates photographic sculptures as a way of considering the work photographic images can do when they are handled and treated in different ways.  

Fireclouds 014, 2017 c Sylvie Bonnot:The Merchant House jpg.jpgFireclouds 014, 2017 c Sylvie Bonnot/The Merchant House

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