Across the Globe: Gallery Spotlight #1

by Unseen May 16 2017

This Week we start our Gallery Spotlight feature of galleries included in the 2017 edition of Unseen Amsterdam. With the theme “countries” we explore our expansive bank of galleries from across the globe that will be exhibiting this year. We’re excited to present both returning and new galleries and the inspiring, thought provoking artists they represent.

With Photo London starting this week, we begin by taking a look at some of the galleries based in London that will be exhibiting at Unseen Amsterdam this year.

The galleries we explore from London this week are Flowers GalleryA.I. Gallery, Webber Gallery Space, The Photographers Gallery & Seen Fifteen.

Flowers Gallery
Returning Unseen exhibitor since 2012, Flowers Gallery cover socio-cultural, political and environmental themes. In previous years they have shown the work of Nadav Kander, Tom Lovelace, Melinda Gibson & Thomas Sauvin and many more. One of the artists they are showcasing this year is Esther Teichmann. With new work combining text and image, her own memories and mythical narratives her dreamlike images investigate the magical qualities of the sea through alternative processes and installation.

Untitled from Heavy the Sea, 2017 © Esther Teichmann/Flowers Gallery

A.I. Gallery
A gallery platform and curatorial project, A.I. Gallery present work from early career artists. At the sixth edition of Unseen, we will see work from emerging artist WeiXin Chong, amongst others. Presenting Beige Dreams, the work explores our obsession with beauty. Using flowers as a metaphor, Chong partly paints their delicate petals and leaves with cosmetics to illustrate our compulsion to conceal ourselves in a media driven world.

Flower01from the Series Beige Dreams,2017WeiXin ChongA.I. Gallery_3.jpgBeige Dreams, 2017 © WeiXin Chong/A.I. Gallery

Webber Gallery Space
Dedicated to showcasing personal work of represented and affiliated artists, Webber Gallery Space seeks to explore contemporary themes in an immersive photographic manner. Amidst others, this year they will represent returning artist and winner of the ING Unseen Talent Award 2016, Thomas Albdorf. Focusing on photography and sculpture – in particular, the intersection area between both practices his work explores the consumption of the contemporary photographic image and how it is broken down through internet distribution.

01AlbdorfGeneralView2_0.jpgGeneral View, 2016 © Thomas Albdorf/Webber Gallery Space

The Photographers’ Gallery
Since opening in 1971, print sales have played an integral role in The Photographers’ Gallery with all profits going into their programme and to the 35 photographers’ that they represent. As well as many other great artists, Evgenia Arbugaeva re-joins Unseen with her project Amani, a documentation of the semi-abandoned Amani Malaria Research Station in East Africa. With the guidance of a former lab assistant John Mganga, Arbugaeva spent two months following John’s former schedule. From looking after the specimens and instruments, to caring for the remaining colony of white mice and in doing so, capturing the echoes of a once ordered existence and its subsequent demise.

Untitled HT51Amani 2015 Evgenia Arbugaeva_0.jpgUntitled #51 from Amani, 2015 © Evgenia Arbugaeva/The Photographers’ Gallery

Seen Fifteen A reasonably new space in Peckham, London, Seen Fifteen specialises in contemporary photography, video & installation art. Maya Rochat exhibited last year inviting us into her universe of visual chaos with layers of both digital and analogue printing techniques, allowing us to re-think the traditional notions of beauty. This revolutionary way of thinking about photography is what you can expect to see more of from Seen Fifteen’s artists at Unseen Amsterdam 2017.

02MayaRochatIsland II2016_0.jpgIsland II, 2016 © Maya Rochat/Seen Fifteen

You can find out more about all our exhibiting galleries and artists here.